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Endoscopic Brow Lift Before and After

The brow lift plastic surgery procedure is designed to elevate the eyebrows, freshen the look of frown lines, and give your forehead an ultra-smooth appearance. As a skilled surgeon, Dr. Chasan uses the latest technique to perform this surgery and patients no longer have to have an incision from ear to ear, but instead, he makes four small incisions in the scalp less than one inch in length.

Endoscopic Brow Lift Treatment & Technique

Dr. Chasan has developed a method that utilizes small wires to suspend the eyebrow in a very precise manner (See  published articles for more information). An endoscope (or a pencil thin camera) is used to visualize every muscle, vein, and nerve under the skin. The skin is lifted away from the tissue and muscles are altered to result in a more youthful look.  It also achieves a superior result with no hair loss or distortion of the hairline. A key point in lifting the eyebrows is to lift the outer aspect more than the inner aspect to create a beautiful, natural arch to the brow

Endoscopic brow lifting takes about 45 minutes to perform, and most Del Mar, La Jolla, and San Diego forehead lift patients are up and about and back to their normal routine in a few days.

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