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What is a Brow Lift?

The brow lift procedure is designed to elevate the eyebrows, freshen the look of frown lines, and give your forehead an ultra-smooth appearance.

As skilled plastic surgeons in Del Mar, our doctors use the latest techniques to perform this brow lift surgery—patients no longer require an incision from ear to ear, but instead just four small incisions in the scalp less than one inch in length.

What to Consider when Planning Your Brow Lift Surgery in San Diego

Brow lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure that reduces wrinkles and excess skin around the forehead and eyes. A brow lift surgery, which is also referred to as eyebrow or forehead surgery, offers several aesthetic benefits, but every cosmetic procedure has its risks and should be considered carefully. Our surgeons will discuss  how the procedure is executed including the different types of brow lift surgeries and the risks and costs of brow lift surgery.

Dr. Balikian examining patient's brows

Behind the Scenes Video of a Brow Lift Surgery at Dr. Paul Chasan’s San Diego Office

Brow Lift Surgery Behind the Scenes - San Diego Plastic Surgery

Brow Lift Before & After

The Ranch & Coast Superior Brow Lift Treatment & Technique

Our skilled facial plastic surgeons have developed a method that utilizes small wires to suspend the eyebrow in a very precise manner (see published articles below for more information). An endoscope (or a pencil-thin camera) is used to visualize every muscle, vein and nerve under the skin. The skin is lifted away from the tissue, and muscles are altered to create a more youthful look. It also achieves a superior result with no hair loss or distortion of the hairline. A key point in lifting the eyebrows is to lift the outer aspect more than the inner aspect to create a beautiful, natural arch in the brow.

Endoscopic brow lifting takes about 45 minutes to perform, and most forehead lift patients in Del Mar are up and about and back to their normal routine in a few days.

Our Brow Lift Team—Meet Dr. Richard Balikian

In addition to Dr. Chasan, Ranch & Coast is proud to present Dr. Richard Balikian as a brow lift surgeon.

Dr. Balikian earned his medical degree from Boston University Medical School. He then completed an internship in General Surgery, followed by an intensive residency in Head & Neck and Facial Plastic Surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC. Following this, Dr. Balikian was hand-selected to pursue an additional year of highly specialized training—with one of the world’s top cosmetic facial surgeons. In addition to his impressive training and background, Dr. Balikian has been involved in teaching young surgeons at the Indiana University School of Medicine, where he held the appointment of Clinical Instructor of Facial Plastic Surgery.

Types of Brow Lift Surgery

A brow lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure that reduces vertical and horizontal lines in the forehead as well as sagging skin around the upper and outer eyes by lifting the brow region. There are three types of brow lift surgeries—an endoscopic brow lift, a temporal brow lift, and a traditional brow lift. Let’s take a look at each.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

An endoscopic brow lift is a recently developed and minimally invasive procedure that reduces sagging skin and wrinkles. To perform an endoscopic brow lift, a plastic surgeon uses small incisions and sutures to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin. The process, benefits, and risks of an endoscopic brow lift are discussed more in-depth later in this article.

Temporal Brow Lift

A temporal brow lift surgery, according to an article published by The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, “is most commonly performed in conjunction with eyelid surgery. One-inch long incisions are made above each temple behind the hairline. Your plastic surgeon will use these incisions to lift and reposition your outer brow area.” A temporal brow lift is more invasive than an endoscopic brow lift, but less invasive than a traditional brow lift.

Traditional Coronal Brow Lift

A traditional or coronal brow lift isn’t performed often anymore since less invasive procedures are available, but it is the best option for some patients. A coronal brow lift is performed by making an incision from ear to ear and removing a small section of skin and tissue. A 2018 Mayo Clinic article states a coronal brow lift, “is used if someone has a receding hairline, but depending on healing, a scar might be visible.”

More on the Endoscopic Brow Lift Technique

Endoscopic brow lifts are increasingly popular among plastic surgeons and patients because the procedure is minimally invasive and has less recovery time and scarring than previous brow lift operations. The endoscopic brow lift reduces wrinkles and excess skin around the eyes, and minimizes frown lines.

The team at Ranch & Coast Plastic Surgey has developed innovative techniques for performing an endoscopic brow lift that produce optimal aesthetic results with minimal incisions and scarring. An endoscopic brow lift is performed using general and local anesthesia and is an outpatient operation. An American Board of Plastic Surgery article explains, “your plastic surgeon will make several small incisions about three-quarters of an inch in length just behind the hairline. Using a tiny camera and small instruments, the surgeon will reposition the muscles and tissue around the forehead.”

Brow Lift Surgery Cost

The cost of brow lift surgery depends upon whether you choose an endoscopic, temporal, or coronal brow lift. The cost would also include fees for anesthesia, facilities, etc. Our office will happily assist you to find the right plan for your surgery costs. At Ranch & Coast Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa in Del Mar, we support you through the personal decision of whether to have a brow lift surgery. Our board-certified plastic surgeons will be glad to discuss the various considerations surrounding a brow lift.

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Risks and Side Effects of a Brow Lift

As with any cosmetic procedure, the most important decision you can make is choosing a reputable and qualified plastic surgeon. Our surgeons have years of experience and have worked with a vast number of patients to achieve great results with their brow lift procedures. The forehead, eyebrows, and upper eyelids play key roles in facial expression and aesthetic qualities. Moreover, your surgeon will be able to preserve the facial features that are consistent with your ethnicity, race, and unique features. While this isn’t always something people keep at the top of their minds, a great surgeon will know the nuances involved with every patient, and this is a skill only achieved from ample experience.

The risks and side effects of a brow lift surgery according to an article from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons are, “anesthesia complications, bleeding, loss of hair at the incision site, facial asymmetry, nerve injury with weakness or paralysis, and unfavorable scarring.” These side effects are best minimized or avoided by working with an experienced, reputable surgeon who has the confidence to get you the outcome you want.

Brow Lift Surgery Preparation and Recovery

Your San Diego plastic surgeon may ask you to make some lifestyle changes before your brow lift procedure. A 2018 article from WebMD states that your cosmetic surgeon may require you to quit smoking temporarily if you smoke, and may ask you to stop taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory medicine. Your recovery time will depend upon which brow lift procedure you choose. 

The endoscopic brow lift has the shortest recovery time, while the coronal brow lift has the longest recovery time. An article published by The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery states, “your stitches or staples are usually removed about one week after surgery and you can return to a sedentary job. One to two weeks after surgery you can drive, and two to four weeks after surgery you can resume exercise.”

Patient Testimonials

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