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What is Nose Perfect?

Typically, after rhinoplasty surgery, patients need to use tape at night to compress the tip of the nose and ensure that it heals properly. This has involved the use of uncomfortable adhesive tape across the nose and cheeks, which is difficult to apply. The taping period can take several months and often causes skin irritation. This traditional taping method can be affected by allergies to tape, perspiration, and wearing of make-up and is generally uncomfortable for the patient.

The Nose Perfect device replaces night taping to firmly yet comfortably compress the supratip area of the nose so the nose will heal in its most optimum shape.


Lightweight, easy and comfortable

The lightweight, reusable and comfortable Nose Perfect device is designed with two softly padded prongs which are inserted into the nostrils, and an ergonomically shaped pad which applies gentle pressure to the bridge of the nose. The Nose Perfect applies gentle upward pressure on the tip of the nose to provide the perfect post-surgical outcome--without any tape.

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Patient-controlled treatment time

Patients are instructed to start using the Nose Perfect device starting at three weeks after surgery and gradually increase the length of use based on their comfort. Most patients use Nose Perfect from 2-4 hours a day.  Many patients state that they start with 1-2 hours a day and then sometimes use the device up to six hours a day.

Patients are instructed to use the device for a minimum of two weeks, then re-evaluate the appearance of their nose. If there remains any supra-tip swelling, then use the Nose Perfect device for another two-week interval until the nasal swelling has resolved.

Patients can control their own results by using Nose Perfect more, up to six hours a day as comfort permits, to get the best benefits possible.

Nose Perfect for long term mask wearers

Healthcare and Essential Workers wear masks for hours a day. As a result of the pandemic, most, if not all healthcare and essential workers wear N95 respiratory masks for 12 or more hours per day. The constant downward pressure on the tip of the nose caused by mask wearing may, over a period of time, cause an undesirable reshaping of the nose.

The Nose Perfect nasal shaping device has been shown to be effective in maintaining the shape of the nose. Gentle pressure is applied on the bridge of the nose while upward gentle pressure is simultaneously applied to the tip of the nose.

Dr. Chasan recommends that anyone who wears a mask for long periods of time wear the Nose Perfect for a few hours each night to maintain a properly-shaped nose.

Non-surgical nose reshaping

Many people are unhappy with the shape of their nose but are not ready for rhinoplasty surgery. Some patients are unable to undergo surgical reshaping due to other reasons. Studies suggest that wearing a device such as Nose Perfect may in fact cause an improvement in the shape of the nose over time. 

Because of its ergonomic design and its gentle but effective function, Nose Perfect may help non-surgical patients to achieve a more attractive nose with minimal cost and discomfort.

Nose Perfect benefits

  • Eliminates the need for tape 
  • Comfortable, lightweight and reusable
  • Designed by an expert, experienced surgeon
  • Improves post-surgical outcomes
  • Reduces post-surgical complications
  • Shortens recovery time 
  • Latex free 
  • Counteracts the effects of long-term mask wearing 
  • Non-surgical nose reshaping
  • No risks or side effects

Designed by renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Chasan

Dr. Chasan is a master in the field of aesthetic and cosmetic surgery with decades of experience. He has performed countless rhinoplasty surgeries. Upon noticing where some improvements could be made post surgery, and for those who aren’t able to receive rhinoplasty, Dr. Chasan has invented Nose Perfect, a simple yet highly effective method to get excellent results, whether post surgery or for non-surgical reshaping.

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