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For information about the Fractional CO2 DOT Laser, IPL/BBL Photofacial, Smart Xide Dot Laser, and Iriderm Laser Treatment, please see below:


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Fractional CO2 DOT Laser

Fractional CO2 DOT laser procedures represent a non-surgical, minimally uncomfortable approach to addressing a variety of skin concerns, ranging from scars and lax skin to cosmetic issues like dark spots and wrinkles. Unlike earlier methods of skin resurfacing and laser skin rejuvenation, these treatments are now suitable for a wide range of skin tones.

Our team of surgeons has dedicated extensive research to fractional CO2 DOT laser treatments, ultimately leading them to endorse the SmartXide DOT Laser® as the ideal choice for our patients. In this article, we delve into the technology underpinning the SmartXide DOT Laser and provide insight into what you can anticipate if you're contemplating fractional CO2 DOT laser treatments in San Diego.

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Forever Young BBLIPL Photofacial Skin Rejuvenation

Broadband light therapy, otherwise known as the ”BBL”,  is a proprietary IPL (intense pulsed light) system which is the most powerful and most effective photofacial system available. The top of the line Sciton BBL system has the advantage of having the latest optics, a large delivery Crystal, and a very fast refractory time. This allows the quickest treatment with the least amount of discomfort while getting the best result possible. 

A full face treatment can be performed and under 20 minutes with two passes. Facial blemishes, sun damage, redness, and brown spots are all treated with the BBL. A huge benefit of this system being so quick and powerful is that sun-damaged extremities can now be treated in a fraction of the time that it used to take with older systems. A series of three to four treatments are recommended for optimal outcomes.

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Forever Bare BBLLaser Hair Removal

About Sciton's BBL technology

We are pleased to offer the Sciton broadband light system for laser hair removal. Like the BBL, the Sciton system is very powerful and very fast. Its newer optics and design allow a much more effective treatment with much less discomfort. The broadband of light wavelengths is much more effective than lasers for hair removal. The best laser hair removal candidates for patients with lighter skin and darker hair. Most patients require three to five treatments. After each treatment, hair becomes progressively thinner, lighter, and grows more slowly. Our skilled laser nurses, Carol and Susan, have many years of experience in the treatment of unwanted hair.

If you have any questions and think that you are a candidate, please contact the office and make an appointment with Carol or Dr. Chasan.


Smart Xide Dot Laser

Smart Xide Dot Laser makes individual, microscopic, needle-shaped tracks into the skin, leaving the immediate surrounding skin intact. This therapy has become very popular because it produces a result similar to a traditional CO2 laser with one-third of the downtime. Most patients can return to work after only four days. This therapy can eliminate areas of pigmentation, sun damage, and significantly reduce wrinkles. It is also good for rejuvenating the hands, arms, and chest (décolleté). As a foremost San Diego cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Chasan has researched all of the current fractional lasers and chose the Smart Xide Dot as the best.


Iriderm Laser Treatment

Iriderm laser is used specifically for broken capillaries (telangiectasias) of the face, as well as brown spots. It is one of the most effective lasers ever used for this purpose. There is a little stinging with the treatment. However, the recovery time is very short. Some of the larger broken capillaries may look like a cat scratch for a few days, but they soon disappear. Most patients who develop telangiectasias have lighter skin, and they often are of English or Irish ancestry. This treatment is very effective in clearing broken capillaries in only one session.

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