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Breast cancer is a difficult journey, and it is important to celebrate every victory—including, of course, its entire resolution. While the eradication of cancer is the primary goal, it is also important to help women move on after cancer. In many cases of cancer, the removal of one or both breasts may be necessary. Obviously, missing one or both breasts would serve as a constant reminder of what one has been through, in addition to making one physically self-conscious.

Ranch & Coast Plastic Surgery

Our surgeons have particular experience and skill in breast reconstruction, helping women fully move on from the trauma of breast cancer. If you are seeking a plastic surgeon who can seamlessly work with your oncologist to produce a result you are proud of, please schedule a consultation with our surgeons to learn more.

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Why Choose Ranch & Coast for Breast Reconstruction?

When it comes to breast reconstruction, the options are varied and complex. The surgeons at Ranch & Coast are world-renowned for their sophisticated, advanced techniques in reconstructive surgery. While our practice offers the full array of plastic surgery options, the surgeons have a particular proficiency in reconstructive procedures of the breast, including breast reconstruction following a mastectomy or lumpectomy. With over two decades of experience delivering successful outcomes, our surgeons are among the top options in San Diego for breast reconstruction. 

Each procedure is built around the patient—so no matter the procedure, each step of the journey is met with complete attention to detail. With regard specifically to breast reconstruction, our highly skilled surgeons and their teams offer sensitivity to this journey the patient has been through, and recognize the sole goal is her well-being. At Ranch & Coast, we are ready to give patients the resolution they need, allowing them to move on from breast cancer.

Breast Reconstruction: The Options

Breast reconstruction is certainly no one-size-fits-all procedure. Women seeking breast reconstruction should understand their options, as well as how each applies to them specifically. After a thorough examination, and possibly a consultation with the oncologist, Dr. Chasan will make his recommendation. In general, some options for breast reconstruction include, but are not limited to the following:

Immediate reconstruction

This option may be done with either implants or a flap. Immediate reconstruction means the breast reconstruction occurs during the same operation as the mastectomy or lumpectomy. The obvious advantage of this method is the patient can awaken from surgery with her breasts intact, without experiencing any time with one or no breasts.

Flap Reconstruction

In this case, a “flap” is a grouping of tissue taken from the patient’s own body, used to reconstruct the breast mound. This tissue can be taken from several parts of the body, including the abdomen or back. This tissue flap will be harvested with the arteries and veins that supply nutrients to the flap, allowing this flap to remain as living tissue in the chest area. Because this is natural human tissue, this method produces the most natural feel in the final result.

Implant Reconstruction

For some women, the best option is the placement of implants after a mastectomy. Because the implant is being placed in an area that has had tissue removed, it may be necessary to use a tissue expander before the implant is placed. Over several weeks, this expander will be gradually filled with a saline solution, allowing the skin to produce more cells and ultimately a pocket for the implant. After the implant is placed, Dr. Chasan can perform nipple reconstruction and even areola tattooing to create a new, natural result for the patient. Additionally, he may opt to use fat transfer to thicken the tissue over the implant, contributing to a natural outcome.

An Incredible Breast Reconstruction Testimonial - Dr. Paul Chasan

Kathy's Incredible Breast Reconstruction Testimonial

Careful Planning Means Superior Surgical Outcomes

When it comes to breast reconstruction, the Ranch & Coast surgeons carefully plan the entire surgical plan with the patient’s surgical oncologist. Each step of the procedure is executed in a methodical, meticulous manner. The purpose is an exquisite outcome that helps patients move on from the breast cancer phase of their lives. With the high-level skill of our board-certified plastic surgeons, our patients are routinely ecstatic with the results of their breast reconstruction. Again, the purpose is to ensure the patient can move on with their lives, free from the emotional and physical trauma of breast cancer.

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