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Women who lift are a unique breed. Their bodies are exquisitely sculpted to lean muscle mass with a low body fat ratio. Breast size is determined by fat tissue, so female fitness competitors face unique issues with breast symmetry, size and overall appearance.

Breast Augmentation for Fitness Competitors Explained

Breast augmentation surgery can resolve these issues, but with such a distinctive body type, it’s important to choose a physician highly skilled in assisting fitness competitors.

Though breasts contain no muscle tissue, they do sit on the pectoral muscle. That muscle group—major and minor—is a key component in every lifting regime. Our surgeons understands the technical complexity of the procedure, but also the impact on the patient’s lifestyle. This isn’t just an issue of personal appearance—for fitness competitors, it can affect their rankings and livelihood.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

The rigorous exercise and dietary protocols of fitness competitors often lead to a loss of the adipose tissue (fatty tissue) in the breasts. Women can find their breasts flattening, varying in size or shape or appear to be sagging. Breast augmentation surgery uses implants to regain symmetry and restore balance to the body. The implants can be placed underneath the pectoral muscle (submuscular) or on top of it (subglandular). The doctor will discuss the pros and cons of each method based on your individual circumstances.

Extremely fit woman posing in bikini

How Does the Process Work?

The Consultation

Our goal is to help you find a natural look and feel that enhances your physique. We stock hundreds of implants at our surgical facility, so there’s less wait time between consultation and appointment. Please provide any relevant information on your overall health history, including medications, allergies, tobacco or alcohol use and any issues with healing, bleeding or infection. Not to overstate the obvious, this surgery is not an option for women who are pregnant or nursing.

During your initial meeting, your surgeon at Ranch & Coast and their trained staff will explain the surgical procedure and recovery period. You are encouraged to ask questions—we want you to feel comfortable. We will also work with you to decide the best size and shape implant for your body type. Different types of implants have different textures and present different profiles (how the breasts sit on the body).

Breast shape classification diagram

The Surgery

Your surgery will take place in our private, dedicated surgical center in downtown Del Mar, located just north of San Diego and La Jolla. Ranch & Coast's medical team includes experienced RNs who have been with Ranch & Coast and their surgeons for years, as well as similarly experienced surgical technicians, and always one of a few board-certified anesthesiologists. The facility is stunning and upscale, equipped with the latest medical devices and technology.

How Big is Too Big?

Choosing a size for your new breasts might feel strange, but it’s really about balancing out your body. If you’re naturally thin and didn’t have much up top even before you got into bodybuilding, this breast augmentation can restore your proportions. Not just because of cup size—if you’ve always had less tissue, your skin will be thinner. You don’t want the shape of the implant to be visible under the skin. Our office has a supply of sizers to help you visualize your new breasts on your body. It’s important to balance your chest area with other dimensions—your waist, shoulders, and hips. It’s always your decision, but we are happy to help guide the process.

Breast Implant Revision on a Body Builder

Fixing A Body Builder’s Implants?!

Before & After

Before Surgery

The night before your surgery, don’t consume food or beverage after midnight. Ask the medical team about taking any medications or supplements. Bring a loose shirt or blouse. We must insist that someone pick you up after the procedure—you should not plan on driving yourself.

Our surgeons are one of the only plastic surgeons in San Diego to offer an overnight stay at their surgical facility. You are welcome to ask about the overnight provision during your consultation.

Surgical Procedure

Once the anesthesia has taken effect, your surgeon will make the incision to insert your implants. Our preferred method is to make the cut is made on the bottom of the areola. Though some physicians will cut around the areola, it’s not a protocol we recommend. It can cause a loss of sensation in the nipple and much higher probability of scar tissue build-up (capsular contracture) around the implant. Sizers are used to provide a visual before the actual implant is placed. Our facility is equipped with a custom pad that allows the patient to sit up as well as lie down.

The surgeon sits the patient up to evaluate the size and shape of the breasts. This lets them get a much better view of the implant profile and position. The incision is small and neat—there will be no permanent scarring. Even during the healing process, it’s hidden from view. Drains may be placed before the incision is closed to avoid fluid buildup—they are temporary and will be removed during your follow up appointment. Once the surgery is complete, you will rest in a recovery room for one to two hours.

Post-Op Care

Plan to rest for the first few days. You may feel tired and could experience some pain. Take your medications as prescribed to stay ahead of it. Plan ahead to take time off from work and step away from any training routines—no lifting, pushups or posing that creates strain on the pectoral muscles. Wear a soft bra (no underwire) for support. Your follow up appointment should be within a day or two of the surgery. Typically, you can return to work in a week, but discuss this with the doctor during your follow up.

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