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Having Problems in the Bedroom?

Problems in the bedroom are common as men age and can be not only frustrating but embarrassing. Non-invasive ED treatments provides a breakthrough solution for any man seeking better erection quality and optimal sexual performance.

Our Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Ranch and Coast’s ED treatment utilizes acoustic waves to open and repair existing blood vessels that have deteriorated in the penis and stimulates the formation of new blood vessels. This protocol allows the penis to accept more blood, leading to better quality erections in a drug-free, surgery-free, and non-invasive way. Did you know ED is an indicator of a man’s overall health?

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It’s time to protect your package. Our treatment can help you achieve more spontaneous erections, better orgasms, and improved sexual performance. Using sound wave therapy, our ED treatments activate new cell growth and regenerates dormant cells in the penile tissue. It removes plaque and repairs damaged blood vessels to allow for increased blood flow to the penis, which results in longer-lasting, firmer erections. There’s no downtime, the procedure is performed in-office and takes less than 30 minutes. It’s painless, no anesthesia is needed and you can have sex the same day.

Benefits of our Treatment Include

Erectile Dysfunction Relief

Over 50% of men will have some degree of erectile dysfunction in their lifetime, most commonly caused by poor blood flow. Non-invasive ED treatments opens existing blood vessels and creates new blood vessels in the penis, resulting in increased blood flow creating potent and long-lasting erections.

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

Peyronie’s Disease is a condition where scar tissue develops under the skin of the penis and can result in an abnormal curvature of the penis, painful erections, and often ED. Non-invasive ED treatments addresses all aspects of Peyronie’s Disease.

Sexual Performance & Maintenance

If you are a man over the age of 30, chances are, you are not performing quite the way you used to in your 20s. However, with non-invasive ED treatments, benefits include stronger erections, decreased recovery time between orgasms, increased sensitivity, and a boost your confidence.

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Who are Non-Invasive ED Treatments for?

While the procedure was created to help men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction it can really help and man looking to improve their libido and get better, longer erections without the use of prescription drugs like Viagra. Any man over 30 will notice that non-invasive ED treatments help them deliver better in the bedroom. Men who get the non-invasive ED treatment procedure find that the procedure helps drastically increase their sexual performance, making them more likely to please their partner and last longer than ever. Not only can the procedure greatly improve your confidence and youthful energy, but it can help you feel close to your sexual partner in ways you were never able to before.

Drastically Improve your Sex Life

The procedure is fairly simple. The non-invasive ED treatment machine is a small, hand-held piece of breakthrough technology that works by sending sound waves into the blood vessels in the penis. These extracorporeal shock waves work to break up the micro-plaque that causes blockages, creating youthful, robust blood vessels that pump as much blood into the penis as possible.

Even if you don’t suffer from impotence issues, odds are there is some level of blockage that’s causing you to feel sexual pleasure with less intensity than when you were younger.

Each session lasts around 15 to 20 minutes and is pain-free with no downtime. At Ranch Coast Plastic Surgery we recommend that our patients get between six to 12 procedures done over time, depending on their individual needs. Many men claim to see a significant increase in their libidos and sexual performance after just one treatment, though, and the procedure can leave you feeling as if your penis is longer and more plump. When the existing blood vessels are regenerated it allows the body to begin forming new ones. Think about it like aging backward a bit so you can grow again—becoming bigger, better, and stronger than you were before.

How Does Non-invasive ED treatments Feel?

Many men have described the non-invasive ED treatments procedure as an intense vibration feeling—similar to how you feel if you stand too close to a large speaker during a concert. The sound wave therapy has been used medically for decades in procedures that work to break up kidney stones or other, similar medical issues without having to disrupt the internal organs. Researchers eventually realized that the therapy could be used to treat impotence issues in men at the source, without having to cause any type of damage or pain. Procedures such as non-invasive ED treatments have been used to treat impotence problems for over 15 years in Europe.

Instead of approaching issues like Erectile Dysfunction with medications that are meant to temporarily alleviate symptoms, non-invasive ED treatments eliminates the problem at the source. Patients see results that last up to two years, so a short procedure can create a lasting impact on your sexual performance.

Years of raising kids or working a high-stress job can leave you feeling as if it’s harder to please your partner in the bedroom. As daily life takes its natural toll, your sexual health may eventually suffer. It can be embarrassing and discouraging to deal with impotence on a regular basis and the problem often worsens as you get older—even if you’re healthy, active and strong. As men age, the blood vessels in their sexual organs naturally contract and fill with plaque. When those blood vessels become clogged they can decrease the sensitivity in your penis and prevent it from being able to get the same erections it used to. This leads to clinical problems like Erectile Dysfunction or Peyronie’s Disease.

Obviously not all men are the same, but these issues are more common than you’d think and have more than one solution.

Pills are often risky ways to treat such issues as they have a lot of negative side effects and aren’t guaranteed to work as they should. Surgeries can also be costly, in addition to the risks involved with invasive procedures. You shouldn’t have to trade in your overall health for a better erection or an increase in your libido. That’s where our ED treatment comes in. Non-invasive ED treatments is the non-invasive, risk-free way to see your best sexual performance—whether you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction or not.

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