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What Patients in San Diego Should Know About the Stem Cell Shot

The Stem Cell Shot is a revolutionary injection that treats Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and several other sexual performance conditions.

According to a 2007 report from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, “over 18-million men in the United States over the age of 20 are affected by ED.” Many of which go untreated because surgery and medication are not an option for them. However, the Stem Cell Shot is a recently developed, natural, and safe injection that treats ED and a few other medical conditions that occur in the penis.

In this article, Dr. Paul E. Chasan, a board-certified plastic surgeon in San Diego, discusses the Stem Cell Shot and how it can enhance a man’s sexual performance. In addition, he will discuss the science behind the Stem Cell Shot and what you can expect if you’re considering the Stem Cell Shot as a treatment for ED.

What is the Stem Cell Shot?

The Stem Cell Shot is a new and natural injection that uses Stem Cells to treat numerous medical issues that occur in the penis. Stem Cells are used to treat medical conditions in the penis that interfere with erection, firmness, sensation, and performance.

Although the Stem Cell Shot is associated with little pain, the patient is given a topical anesthetic before the procedure to reduce discomfort. Directly after injections, men are encouraged to use a pump and sometimes ED medications to stimulate the best healing results.

The Stem Cell Shot is an ideal solution for all men especially if medication or surgery is not an option or is an undesirable treatment. In addition, the Stem Cell Shot offers men many benefits aside from treating ED.

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Benefits of the Stem Cell Shot

The Stem Cell Shot can be used to treat ED as well as deformities and injuries in the penis. It also offers men several additional benefits aside from healing and rejuvenation. Furthermore, the Stem Cell Shot can treat curvatures and nodules in the penis.

According to a 2018 article published by the Functional Medical Institute, the benefits of the Stem Cell Shot include:

  • Firmer, more sustainable erections
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Reduced time between erections
  • Increased penis size and girth

Men may also experience increased sensation and more satisfying orgasms.

One of the main benefits of the Stem Cell Shot is that it is derived from stem cells so it poses no risk of allergic reaction and because it is not a drug it has little to no risks and side effects. Moreover, the Stem Cell Shot is a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure making it safer than many other male enhancement treatments.

Another advantage of the Stem Cell Shot is that it actually fixes medical problems with the penis instead of just treating the symptoms like surgery and medications do. For men who do not want to take drugs or have surgery or for those who cannot, the Stem Cell Shot offers a solution to erectile dysfunction and many other medical conditions that interfere with sexual performance.

Our practice administers the Stem Cell Shot in our office which takes about 45 minutes, there is no recovery time, and men can often have sex the same day.

What is the Cost or Price of Stem Cell Shots?

On average the Stem Cell Shot cost between $2,000 to $3,000 dollars, but are still more cost efficient than surgery and medications. Surgery may cost several more thousand dollars and medications are continuous expenses. In addition, many insurance companies do not pay for ED treatments which means the Stem Cell Shot might be a more cost efficient out-of-pocket expense for men.

Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa understands the impact ED has on a man’s mental and physical well-being. We will gladly conduct a consult with you to further discuss how the Stem Cell Shot might benefit you.

Injectable Nurse: Kasie Connors, RN

Kasie Connors, RN, has over 20 years of nursing experience behind her. Early on in her career she began working for Dr. Paul Chasan and currently has over 12 years experience in the cosmetic plastic surgery industry. She has worked in the operating room and as a clinical patient coordinator.

Kasie moved to Wisconsin for several years for her husband’s career, during which, she had the opportunity to became a clinical educator for Merz Aesthetics, Inc, the company that makes fillers such as Radiesse and Belotero. She has trained physicians across the nation on injection technique of dermal fillers and has become a master of injectables, fillers and Botox. Now back in San Diego, she is thrilled to be back working alongside Dr. Paul Chasan at Ranch & Coast Plastic Surgery as our injectable nurse.

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