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Our doctor's combined training and commitment to continuing education allow them to offer an array of body contouring procedures, including thigh lift and body lift in the San Diego office. They perform these procedures for patients who desire to remove excess skin and fatty tissue deposits from their thighs. Excess tissue is a common side effect of massive weight loss, stresses of pregnancy, or aging.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Thigh Lift?

Thigh lift is a procedure during which skin and subcutaneous tissue are removed from either the medial (inside) thigh or around the entire thigh. This procedure is used for cases in which liposuction would not achieve a satisfactory result. Thigh lift candidates usually have lax skin with stretch marks, considerable cellulite, or excess skin.

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How Much Does a Thigh Lift Cost?

Thigh Lift patients in San Diego can expect the cost of their thigh lift to cost between $25,000–$30,000. Due to the variability of cases, some thigh lift procedures are priced higher depending on the level of surgical complexity.

Body and Thigh Lift Treatment & Technique

Every woman’s body type is different, but all body types have problem areas where they carry excess weight. Often, that weight gain can become a serious health risk, prompting them to take action, either with diet and exercise or bariatric surgery.

A body lift procedure typically addresses the belly area, the buttocks, and thighs. The overall goal is to remove skin and fat, tighten sagging musculature, and sculpt the thigh lines. This procedure is particularly helpful for patients who have had dramatic changes in weight, or body shifts resulting from age or childbirth.

Though the procedure is considered cosmetic, excess skin can occasionally trap moisture. This trapped moisture can be subject to fungal infection and cause difficulty in wearing certain types of clothing. As such, this procedure not only results in a drastically improved cosmetic result, it also improves patient health. 

Whatever the reason, a body lift can be an all-encompassing makeover that will change the way a patient feels about their body.

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Why Choose Ranch & Coast for a Body & Thigh Lift?

Dr. Paul Chasan & Dr. Cameron are world-renowned for their masterful and advanced techniques in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. They delivers the full array of rejuvenating procedures for the breasts, body, and face, taking particular interest in body contouring—including body and thigh lifts. Our doctors routinely gives their patients stunning, successful outcomes. Further, at Ranch & Coast Plastic Surgery in Del Mar, patients can expect every step of their journey to be met with total responsiveness. We understand our patients’ commitment to excellence, and we strive for the same. 

There’s no reason to settle when you can have a safe and straightforward procedure under the care of an experienced physician. If you’re interested in a body and thigh lift, please call our office at 858.450.1555 to set an appointment to discuss the procedure.

What You Can Expect from a Body & Thigh Lift

A body lift is sometimes called a lipectomy. The incision circles the waist just above the hip. Not only does the doctor remove excess skin, but he also lifts and alleviates any sagging musculature. This procedure can be particularly helpful after a period of significant weight loss.

A body lift can include a reshaping of the belly, the pubic area, upper back, buttocks, and thighs. Depending on the needs of the patient, the procedure may be performed after a liposuction procedure.

While there may be some removal of fatty tissue during a body and thigh lift, these procedures are not specifically for removing fat. In fact, they are more effective when fat is already dispersed. A body lift is about removing excess skin, then tucking, tightening, and lifting.

The overall goal is to create a more youthful, toned silhouette by responding to dramatic changes in body shape resulting from the aging process or fluctuations in weight.

Our Body & Thigh Lift Team—Meet Dr. Cameron Francis

In addition to Dr. Chasan, Ranch & Coast is proud to present Dr. Cameron Francis as a body and thigh lift surgeon. Dr. Francis began his medical career by earning a Bachelor of Science in molecular biology before getting his medical degree from UC San Diego School of Medicine.

Following this, Dr. Francis completed a two-year specialized fellowship, followed by a comprehensive, six-year integrated plastic surgery residency. Dr. Francis proudly performs body and thigh lifts at Ranch & Coast Plastic Surgery in San Diego, routinely producing results his patients love.

Before & After

Body-Thigh Lift Procedure

The first step in the process is to meet with Dr. Chasan or Dr. Francis. Dr. Chasan maintains a state-of-the-art surgical facility in Del Mar California, between San Diego and La Jolla. The elegant, soothing space offers patients privacy and comfort in a fully staffed medical office, with dedicated surgical registered nurses and board-certified anesthesiologists.

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Your initial consultation involves providing your medical history, any medications or supplements you take, and tobacco use. Please make the doctor aware if you have any issues with bleeding or are taking blood thinners. The doctor will explain how the procedure is done and what you can expect. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. The surgery requires general anesthesia, so please plan on having someone drive you home from your procedure. 

Please wear or bring loose, comfortable clothing for after the surgery—no thong underwear or anything that might create pressure. Our office will provide you with a full set of pre-op instructions at the time you schedule your surgery.

Just Before Surgery

There are multiple components to this procedure, depending on the specific areas that need attention. Before surgery, the doctor will meet with you to draw out the lines for incisions. Typically, the markings for a body lift encircle the waist and buttocks—almost along the lines of a bathing suit bottom or hip-slung underpants. The thigh lift doesn’t usually require such lines. There are only two approaches to the thigh lift—the incisions are made on the inner or outer thigh.

Once the patient is in the surgical suite and adequately sedated, the doctor will begin the procedure.

Body Lift 

The doctor opens the skin along the incision lines referenced above. This incision will allow your surgeon to adjust the abdomen, buttocks, pubic area, and hips. 

The excess skin is removed as well as some fatty tissue. Your surgeon will then reposition tissue and musculature and secure them with sutures. At that point, the skin will be redraped to cover the newly aligned tissue.

Thigh Lift

Your surgeon will make the incision, most typically in the crease where the thigh meets the groin, or from the groin down the inner thigh. This incision allows the doctor to remove subcutaneous tissue—a medical term for the innermost layer of skin. The subcutaneous tissue is made up of fat and connective tissues and varies in thickness from person to person.

Once the tissue removal is complete, the excess skin is incised and removed. Then the remaining skin is pulled up and redraped around the new contours of the thigh. If necessary, your surgeon may insert small temporary drains to avoid fluid buildup. Once all the incisions are closed, the patient is sent to recovery to awaken naturally from sedation.

Post-Operative Care

Following a body and thigh lift, expect some swelling and discomfort. The doctor will provide any necessary prescriptions for pain management. You should anticipate a minimum of a week off from work—more if your work involves heavy lifting or strenuous activities.

All the incisions will be well bandaged, but depending on the scope of the body lift, the doctor may require a compression garment. It is critical for the healing process to protect the incision areas from pressure and abrasion.

You will be provided with detailed instructions on how to manage your recovery process at home. A follow-up appointment with your surgeon will be scheduled for a few days after your procedure. Following the guidance provided by our medical staff is the best way to get yourself back to normal activities.

The positive impact of your body lift and thigh lift will be almost immediately apparent—a more sculpted lower body, with more youthful-looking skin and a sleek, proportional silhouette.

Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have. Call our office at 858-450-1555.

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