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Throughout the course of life, it is essential to supply the body with proper nutrients to slow the aging process and protect health and wellness. While diet and supplements can accomplish this, IV therapy is an additional method to keep the body happy and youthful. At Ranch & Coast, we deliver precise nutrients to keep the body in optimal shape, restoring inner balance and preserving youthful vigor.

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy works by delivering vital nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This ensures the body receives them in their most powerful and potent form. The body then uses these nutrients to detoxify and enrich the organs and critical systems, preventing aging and repairing damage. The body requires a precise blend of vitamins and nutrients to function properly and remain youthful for many years to come. Because of this, patients who are deficient in certain vitamins can suffer from chronic symptoms, early aging, and other health problems. Take control of your health by ensuring your body gets exactly what it needs to function at peak level.

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IV Therapy—Determining Candidacy

At Ranch & Coast Plastic Surgery, we routinely accept patients of all ages to undergo IV therapy. Such patients are seeking to preserve health and improve wellness. Our IV therapy patients also wish to reduce inflammation, toxicity, fatigue, illness, and degenerative diseases. No matter the nature of one’s condition, the body can always benefit from additional vitamins and nutrients. During your initial consultation, our providers will help decide the best regimen to keep you feeling your best. 

The Benefits of IV Therapy

IV therapy is a direct method of ensuring the body has enough nutrients and vitamins to remain healthy and vital. As such, the IV therapy delivers the ability to:

  • Reduce toxins
  • Maintain health and achieve optimal wellness
  • Restore vitamins and nutrients vital to the body’s function
  • Detoxify the body
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Protect cells from damage
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Improve nutritional deficiencies

What to Expect During Your IV Infusion Therapy Sessions

At Ranch & Coast in Del Mar, we help our patients maintain total comfort during their IV therapy sessions. We begin by placing using a tiny needle to place a catheter in one of the veins. 

This catheter will be used to deliver a precise mixture of nutrients and supplements directly into the bloodstream, allowing the body to absorb them with maximum efficiency.

During the session and depending upon the exact infusion, patients may feel relaxed, energized, or warm. IV therapy can take up to an hour, at which point patients can immediately resume daily activities.


The Post Party Drip: $249

AKA “the hangover drip”

1000mL UV Solution, B-Complex, Vitamin C, L-Caritine, Folic acid, Anti-Nausea and RX Pain Medication

The Everything Drip - $249

“Blasts your body back”

1000mL Solution, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Glutathione, L-Caritine, Biotin, and MIC Methionine

The Antioxidant Drip - $149

“Antioxidants to Boost your Body!”

500mL IV Solution, MIC Methionine, Vitamin C and Glutathione

The Performance Drip - $149

“Blast your body back to its Best!”

500mL IV Solution, B-Complex, Vitamin C and L-Caritine

The Mini Drip - $99

Mini Drip gives you 250ML dose of our great standard cocktails listed above.

It takes half the time to administer, all while getting a great boost!

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