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There are three times in your life that you need to pay attention to the health of your skin—yesterday, today and tomorrow.

You can’t change yesterday, but you can repair damage from sun, smoke and other pollutants. Starting right now, you can keep your skin smooth and vibrant with ZoSkin Health products. 

Swing by our beautiful medical spa just outside San Diego, California to see these our inventory of ZoSkin creams and serums. ZoSkin topical creams refine and rejuvenate your complexion, gently resurfacing your skin to create a fresh and youthful glow for women of all ages.

Our Top 4 Favorite ZoSkin Products

Our practice is very careful about the products we choose to share with our patients—you’re going to love what these treatments can do for your skin.

Here are a few of our favorite ZoSkin treatments. 

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ZO Skin Health product

1. Pigment Control Cream 4% HQ:

In San Diego, the sun is hard to avoid, even when you’re diligent about sunscreen. No matter your age, skin can get mottled, and brown spots can muddy your complexion.

Hydroquinone RX from ZoSkin Medical is a skin lightening serum that slows the production of melanin and helps to smooth out variations in skin tone. The crème is highly effective in resolving issues of hyperpigmentation, including melasma, chloasma freckling, and sun damage.

Pigment Control Crème 4% HQ does more than manage melanin, the product gently sloughs off skin layers and hydrates the fresh skin below. This topical treatment is only available by prescription.

ZO’s pigment control cream is the perfect product for getting rid of fine lines, freckles, or brown spots. Come by our office to discuss your prescription.

The pigment control cream is a powerful serum that is most effective when applied consistently over five months. Patients typically begin to see smoother, less mottled skin at around three months—this non-intrusive product delivers impressive changes for the color and texture of your skin.

ZO Skin product

2. Tretinoin: Rough Skin & Acne Repair

Tretinoin from ZoSkin Medical is a prescription-strength topical cream to repair skin damage from acne and smooth rough skin. The crème comes in two strengths, 0.1%, and 0.05 %.

Tretinoin is a variant of Vitamin A (retinol) that gently exfoliates outer layers of skin to reduce scarring and overall roughness of the skin.

If you have pitted skin from acne, or if your skin needs a bit of a lift, call us to schedule an appointment for your prescription for ZoSkin Medical Tretinoin. As a bonus, ZoSkin Tretinoin also removes fine wrinkles, so skin looks smoother and younger. You’ll love how it feels too.

Schedule a Consultation.

ZO Skin product

3. Daily Power Defense: Fresh, Healthy Skin

Revitalize your skin every day with ZoSkin Health’s daily defense serum. This fantastic blend of enzymes and antioxidants reduces fine lines and firms your skin for a fresh, healthy face.

Sun and pollutants are your skin’s worst enemies. The Daily Power Defense is a triple threat.

The cream introduces enzymes to stimulate your body’s natural repair process, is rich in antioxidant Vitamin E and includes a tetrapeptide for firming and tightening your skin.

We keep this serum in stock at Ranch & Coastal medical spa in San Diego. No prescription or appointment required—just stop by. Use this gentle but powerful cream to repair past damage and protect your skin in the future. You’ll notice your fresh, youthful complexion and your friends will too!

4. 10% Vitamin C Self Activating: Brighten & Lighten

This potent cream from ZoSkin Health takes antioxidants to a whole new level. The 10% Vitamin C Self Activating serum refreshes your skin and helps to smooth out variations in skin tone. 

ZO Skin product

If you react negatively to hydroquinone, but still want the benefit of removing older skin, the 10% Vitamin C Self Activating cream from ZoSkin Health is just what you need to brighten your complexion.

The ascorbic acid in Vitamin C is a natural exfoliant, redefining your skin’s texture and tone. The damaged upper layers are gently stripped away—taking those fine lines with them. 

This product is in stock at our medical spa—no prescription, drop by and browse our ZoSkin products. Directions here! The antioxidant formula protects the new skin, and the cream includes a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. You get a fresh face, and with fewer fine lines and brown spots, your complexion will glow.

Healthy Skin is Where Beauty Begins

Before our practice added ZoSkin products, we did our homework. The product line is safe, effective, and gets rave reviews from the people who use it. The prescription serums offer the option of a minimally intrusive cosmetic treatment that delivers significant results.

We encourage our clients to look at skincare as a way to demonstrate their overall health. You don’t have to settle for a tired, blotchy complexion and a pile of department store creams, foundations, and concealers.

Your skin is the ultimate first impression—let’s make it the best it can be. Stop by our San Diego medical spa and check out our inventory of ZoSkin topical treatments or call us for an appointment.

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